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Apex at Inland Art Festival

Adrian Fitt, Rory Bray Harper, Minnie Black, David Chinn, Ryan Mears, Kyle Coleman, Eddie Callis, Adrian Harper, Susie Jo Walker, Paul Simmons

Two spaces; one light, one dark. The light one offers exchanges and interaction with people. The dark is a space for reflection and questioning. A few people at a time, silently, will be able to make their way around exhibits, speaking only when spoken too.

In the dark space the exhibits are found along a path. People will follow this dimly lit route and on their journeys, creations will light up. Apex’s exhibitions are offering a window into the creative brain and raising awareness of autism. Much of the work shown is inspired by the songs from the Apex Creative Brain performances & original songs, written by members of Apex.

Creations & space art-directed by Stuart James Blackmore.

Apex Performance Times:

Friday & Saturday – Kyle Coleman’s Plant Earth, 2 – 5 pm

Friday & Saturday – David Chinn’s Autism World, 2.30 pm, 3.30 pm & 4.30 pm

Sunday Sunday — – Kyle Coleman’s Plant Earth, 2 – 5 pm


Apex is a creative community group based in Cornwall which runs singing and songwriting workshops, digital media and art sessions. We work with young people and adults on the autistic spectrum and or with learning disabilities, enabling them to express themselves through creativity.

The Creative Brain

The Creative Brain is a project which researches neurodiversity, exploring people’s thoughts through music and art. The project uses the brain as a metaphor for networking, developing pathways and making connections between people. It focuses on recent research, exploding some of the myths around disorders of the brain and creativity. They have performed music shows around Cornwall and will be performing in London later this year.

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APEX were at number 3 West End, Redruth, TR15 2RZ – find them on our map!