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For The Players Club strand of the festival, Fish Factory will present Trust Us an exhibition curated by Rose Hatcher.

Trust Us

Stuart Robinson, Lee McIntyre and Anna Ljungberg

The act of play can sometimes involve pushing our minds to a state of extreme anticipation and even fear in order to reach a new level of exhilaration. It could be by exploring a dark place, going to great heights or facing some of our instinctual fears. Losing control has a particular seduction in the world of entertainment and play whether it’s an innocent game of blind man’s buff, a rollercoaster ride or an urban exploration of an abandoned building. Although this experience can feel very personal it is shared, to some extent, by all of us, and the feeling of sharing a seemingly risky situation can bring us together as human animals – drawn and repelled by the same forces.

With Trust Us ,The Fish Factory plans to recreate these feelings of anticipation, trepidation and even mild peril in order to engage the audience in a visceral and impulsive way.

Stuart Robinson will be playing with the idea of adventure and misadventure creating a space playing on learnt fears and our skewed consumption of ‘dangerous’ activities. Scale and perspective will be at play to modify the viewer’s interaction with the space creating a false environment but a ‘real’ experience.

Lee McIntyre calls upon a memory of a trespassed space to recreate feelings of danger and mortality.

Anna Ljungberg creates a sinister depiction of a digital nightmare, extreme connectivity, surveillance and virtual reality. As our lives become more technology reliant Anna questions how the digital world will provide us with these death defying thrills.

The Fish Factory Art Space is an artist led space in Falmouth which has been running for three years; now with 21 artists studios, a large gallery and event space. In that time it has developed a reputation as a place which is welcoming to new and experimental practices in contemporary art. Through a wide range of exhibitions and events featuring local mavericks and international visitors we have aimed to push the boundaries of Falmouth’s art scene and provide a platform for marginalised artists.

Fish Factory showed at the Redruth Town Council building, Penryn Street, TR15 2SP – find it on our map!Fish Tab