Arabella Pio

Arabella Pio - Declaration of Trust #2 2013

Arabella Pio – Declaration of Trust, 2013. Brightly painted replica of a ‘moose tower’, sited during a 2013 residency in Finland

The work I will present at Inland Art Festival stems from a project I worked on during a residency in Finland in 2013. While there I explored the surroundings and came across various moose towers. I was drawn to these structures that, blending with the landscape, facilitate hunters in spotting animals during the hunting season. They’re built in wood and blend in the surrounding landscape to be less noticeable. Similar structures can be found as markers of liminal areas, as shores or woods, or even on the borders between different states.

The structures appear to be carriers of opposed and conflicting messages. While looking like podiums from which to relate and communicate to an audience they nevertheless suggest conditions of surveillance and control.

By taking the structures out of their natural environment and painting them in bright colours, the towers lose their functionality and become vehicles of those conflicting and multiple messages.

For Declaration of Trust #2, 2014, taller, brightly painted towers will be installed in specific outside locations around the town of Redruth.