John Wood & Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison & John Wood - 10x10 2011

John Wood and Paul Harrison – 10 x 10, 2012

John Wood and Paul Harrison explore the physical and psychological parameters of the world around them through (among other things) a series of immaculately constructed video works…. Since (their) first collaboration in 1993, their video works have evolved from single shot ‘studies’ filmed against neutral backgrounds to longer pieces in which a sequence of actions unfold within constructed locations that have more implicit meaning and contribute to greater narrative complexity. The videos maintain a strict internal logic, with the action directly related to the duration of the work. Inside this ‘logical world’ action is allowed to happen for no apparent reason, tensions build between the environment and its inhabitant, play is encouraged and the influences on the work are intentionally mixed.

In 10×10 (2012), a camera appears to track down the outside of an office block, looking into a series of identical rooms. In each scenario, stories are implied but not explained as solitary characters manipulate the office furniture and other objects in order to pass the time.

This text is taken from the Carroll / Fletcher website:

Carroll / Fletcher is a contemporary art gallery located on Eastcastle Street in Central London, which represents Harrison and Wood.