In Our Own Time

APEX in our own timeIn Our Own Time
21st – 23rd October

From a giant Disco Microphone to the chant of the People’s Pylon you are invited to enter the new and exciting world of Apex Arts where artists and participants seek to redress the balance of historical marginalisation and creative deprivation by putting their unique voices and original ideas at the heart of The Future Project.

So change time zones now, fill up your tank with Love, disengage outworn Judgement and join them on their sensational inter-dimensional journey.


Victoria Anderson, Minnie Black, Eddie Callis, David Chinn, Kyle Coleman, Thomas Davison, Adrian Fitt, Rory Bray Harper, Dan Kemp, Ley Marshall, Paul Simmons, Molly Smith, Kate Perry, Susie-Jo Walker

Creative Directors:  Jacqui Callis, Stuart Blackmore, Tony Minnion