21st – 23rd October

Prospect can be used to describe an ‘extensive view or landscape’. With a view to carve an impression on Kernow’s creative prospects, the exhibition at CMR explores past physical properties of ore from the surrounding area as well visions of theoretical future landscapes. Asking questions as to whether artists have a role in aiding its future, and if so what that might mean.

Landscapes come and go. Whilst Cornwall’s natural landscape is a draw for many tourists due to its outstanding beauty, tourism wasn’t the first industry to scar her face. Once the richest square miles on earth, Redruth now faces poverty and a weakening grasp of the culture that helped it thrive.

In ‘Prospect’, ten artists explore the potential of Redruth’s previously extensive vista. CMR will open its doors for The Future Project, bringing you paintings, film, installations, geo-political three-dimensional yardstick graphs, the prospect of having your portrait drawn by Mary Fletcher, and of course the opportunity to purchase affordable, genuine major contemporary art from The Owen Lacey.

This show will explore the prospects for a new creative future, not only for CMR, but also for Redruth.

Antonio de la Hera presents, Alicja Rymarowicz, Owen Lacey, Clive Soord, Tim Pryke, Ron Ford, Mary Fletcher, Adam Grose, David Astell & Jonathan Hayter

CMR Gallery & Project Space is an artist-led membership organisation, based in Redruth, Cornwall. Membership is through a rolling application process and open to all who support the group’s mission statement. CMR exhibits work and hosts events by established and emerging artists from within Cornwall, as well as national and international practitioners. CMR aims to encourage experimental and ambitious contemporary work that is accessible to all.