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Keiken enter digital world


Copy A world that came with no time, no space and no place.

Paste A blackhole.

Duplicate U cannot see me but like u, its not ur flesh that makes u real ///>>>>>>> its ur energy.

http://www.pixelated honeycomb_network and behaviours_what’s on your mind?.com







How do we create a new window? How do we refresh collective mindset?

­Keiken Collective

Keiken is the Japanese word for experience, something that is integral to their collaborative practice and philosophy. Their aim is to challenge the dynamic of reality and to the question how societal introjection governs the way we think and perceive. Working in a multidisciplinary way, they consider all materials and practices as equal. Their work materialises in numerous forms such as immersive installation, performance, performative actions, book works and videos. Keiken operate through the modes of digital narrative, constructed realities and play.

twitter: @_keiken_

instagram: @keikencollective

Tanya Cruz, Hana Omori, Jess Pemberton, Isabel Ramos, George Stone.

Sound in collaboration with The Floating Cellist and Ben Wood (Oh Mr James).


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