Future_Me_Scares_Me – The Fish Factory
21st-23rd October
The Mining Exchange

‘Future Self’ – our ability to imagine ourselves in the future – imagine our lives and the different paths we might take – their consequences whether mundane or outlandish….  This concept of time, self created by humans, has been lauded as one of the keys to our success as a species. The ability to imagine our future selves and plan for their satisfaction has formed the basis of modern western civilisation and culture. It’s now cheapened by the hackneyed self help pop psychology wastelands of the internet and barely recognised as a milestone of evolution. There is a disconnect between our imagined futures and the reality of the future world we are creating. Fractures tear through our collective socio-economic structures as realisations of this disconnect rupture the link between our imagined future selves and the present day. We deceive ourselves, we deceive our future selves. We muddle through, we construct our chaos. We talk about utopia, but we know our reality to be much more sinister. Our eyes ache and fail as we stare at our screen dreams….

Matthew Ashdown, Rose Hatcher, Amy Lawrence, Lee McIntyre, Stuart Robinson, Camilla Stacey

The Fish Factory Art Space is an artist led space in Falmouth which has been running for three years; now with 21 artists studios, a large gallery and event space. In that time it has developed a reputation as a place which is welcoming to new and experimental practices in contemporary art. Through a wide range of exhibitions and events featuring local mavericks and international visitors we have aimed to push the boundaries of Falmouth’s art scene and provide a platform for marginalised artists.