Trybe, Wear(e) the FutureWear(e) The Future
21st – 23rd October
Festival team uniforms created by Trybe, specially for Inland Art Festival. Working with information collected through The Future Census.

TRYBE is a creative entity/pseudonym focused on ideas around a performance of the self made through clothing decisions, and how association or want of association with a trend or sub-cultural tribe, to try + be, can affect what someone might be saying with how they clothe themselves. It is exploring the potential of performance through clothing with ideas of costume, trend, DIY ethics/aesthetics and uniform. The idea of the tribe also occurs in the uniformity of each body of work by TRYBE, attempting to create a small community through visual identification. There is also a vaguely metaphysical aspect to TRYBE, in how the chasing of a tribe results in this perpetual attempt to try + be, and how we represent that constant aspiration for acceptance and identity through identifying with others (and potentially the attempt to locate our sense of being-ness through visual cultures, and to what extent the cultivated visual presentation of ourselves is the performance of our life/self).