22nd October
15.00 – 18.00
The Garden

REVOLTINTASTE – NOW  is a performance based on the script REVOLTINTASTE, taking it as a start point, a catalyst, a platform. The performance consists of a group reworking, or working with, the script, through rehearsal, revision and compromise. It is an action to begin the process of rethinking the polished aesthetic sensation and the use of it, or potential uses for it. It involves local amateur performers, and will allow for people to drop in, pick up a script and get involved in addressing or echoing revolting tastes. See below for a synopsis of the script:

A group of dissolute re-enactors attempt to grapple with the complexities of re-staging a version of the Easter Rising; soon things turn fruity, and amidst calamity, hardship and compromise, a sense of community is born. Recreation becomes hazy and begins to blur into re-creation; REVOLTINTASTE moves toward a revolutionary reappraisal of aesthetic sensation, a new sense of belonging and a confusion of roles and history.